"China Trade Specialists"


Our Philosophy

“China Trade Specialists”

In November 2004 MCH Australia first became incorporated. Although this was the official start date of the company, the history of MCH Australia stems right back until the early 1990s when we began to exploit our network of resources and expertise throughout China and Australia.

Even though the name “MCH Australia” is an Australian born company, our success is largely due to our extensive support network in China. Such resources include legal and financial personnel, contacts in government and taxation department, offices in Shanghai, and Hefei, and part ownership in more than a dozen factories spread throughout China.

Now MCH Australia boasts a diverse range of services in the exporting industry, including:

1. Marketing on your behalf in China
Our expertise and firsthand experience allows us to selectively market your product range in China.

If the risk of exporting are beyond your company’s current objectives we can possibly assist.  Talk to us about limiting your risks and still achieving your overseas sales success.

2. Improving Business Access and Market Entry into China
Assistance achieving full market penetration into China through focussed marketing.
- For any Australian business, taking your product to China can be a daunting process. With backing from out legal, financial, and marketing personnel in Australia and China you can rest assure that you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

3. Public Relations
- Beyond simply our trading expertise, we have multilingual staff to help you get in contact with the right people to export to.
- As I’m sure you already know, business in China has a lot to do with “face”. Projecting the right face is vital to the success of your business.
- Due to strong relationships with members of the Chinese Government and Department of Taxation, we are in a advantageous position to promote the image of your company and build valuable relationships.

4. Other Opportunities
If you are seeking import of manufacturing opportunities from China talk to us. Our personnel and China offices can assist you in evaluating your best options.

Our China office has many local business contacts that can directly assist.

No matter what industry you are in, all of us at MCH Australia hope to work with you in the future to improve your business opportunities with China.