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Our Export Success

Sheep Skins, Goat Skins, and Animal Products
Since 2005 we have been a large exporter of Australian merino sheep skins. Over the years we have also started to export a range of goat skins, wool, and other animal products.

Pure Australian Honey
Honey is an Australia product that has a highly acclaimed reputaion in China. At the moment we plan to start exporting Australian honey in mid 2009 under our own brand name.

Exporting Australian Red and White Wine
As many of you might know, Australia is one of the largest exporters of wine in the world. China is also one of the fastest growing wine consuming countries in the world. So naturally exporting Australian wine to China is a huge opportunity for us. In 2008 we began exporting various types of Australian wine into Shanghai and Hefei and we plan to eventually supply our range of wines throughout China.