"China Trade Specialists"


Welcome to MCH Australia Pty. Ltd.
The China Trade Specialists

At MCH Australia our challenge is to create and build value in today’s highly competitive environment, navigating a wave of new regulation, motivating our team to achieve excellence, and to enjoy mutual success with our valued clients.

Right from the birth of the company MCH Australia has had the primary focus to build trust and long term relationships based on integrity, honesty, quality of service, and actual export performance.

We have captured these above qualities by exporting Australian agricultural products to China directly, gaining knowledge and expertise of both the growing opportunities and identifying the many difficulties of doing business in China.

In our eyes.  It’s simple.  Our mission is to bring lower costs, faster delivery, better reliability, and higher quality to your international trade operations.  We are sure that many of our clients in the past would agree, we’ve done exactly that!